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Programme de bourses "Echanges Universitaires"

Designing, Implementing and Measuring Sustainable Urban Development in Southern Africa and Latin America (DIMSUD)
Marco Keiner, Institute for Territorial Development and Landscape, ETH Zürich

This project, funded by the Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS) and co-sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC/KFPE) intends to contribute to new solutions for sustainable urban development – with a particular focus on the developing world – through a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and participatory approach combining research, urban design, and capacity building. The project focuses specifically on three cities from Africa and Latin America (Santiago de Chile, Johannesburg and Gaborone).
The project enables a global overview of core problems, provide a synthesis of realizable strategies and offer both a scientific forum and an „urban field laboratory“ for joint learning.
The project also provides a model of multy-disciplinary and transdisciplinary, international academic collaboration geared towards practical problem-solving. The project, therefore, provides a unique platform for interactions for sustainability - these interactions will occur across cities, disciplines, regions, universities, and between theory and practice. This integrated approach support creative links between the universities and others and lead to ongoing networking and collaboration among the project partners.
At the same time it aims to overcome the traditional disconnect that exists between key disciplines (i.e., architects, planners, economists). Finally, the project links practical research with urban design - so that sustainable design solutions are effectively paired with the mechanisms necessary for their implementation and the tools required to analyze their ultimate impacts. Linked to a training and dissemination component, the project also ensures that a base for continuous learning and application exists.
Finally, working with students and officials from each of the case study cities, the project contributes to the formation of a new generation of leaders for sustainable urban development. Sponsored by the KFPE, students from the ETH Zurich had the opportunity to co-operate in the fieldwork and to write successfully their thesis on DIMSUD research themes:

Student’s name City Duration of stay Kind of work Title
Christian Bührer Gaborone Jul-Aug 2002 Diploma thesis Indicators in Sustainable and Integrated Planning in Gaborone
Michael Gravenkamp Gaborone Jul-Aug 2002 Diploma thesis Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Urban Development
Philip Dijkstra and
Tobias Oberli
Gaborone Jul-Aug 2002 Semestrial thesis Strategies, tools and mechanisms for Sustainable Urban Development
Balthasar Thalmann Gaborone Jul-Aug 2002 Diploma thesis Analytical tools and models for Sustainable Urban Development
Aeneus Wanner Johannesburg Oct-Dec 2002 Practical work stay Sustainable Urban Development in Johannesburg and Santiago de Chile
Sandra Demarmels Santiago de Chile Oct 2002-Jan 2003 Practical work stay Sustainable Urban Development in Johannesburg and Santiago de Chile

Adresses of the research partners

Kerry Pile
School of Geography, Archaeology & Environmental Studies,
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Private Bag 3, Wits 2050, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Tel. 0027 11 717 6508 or 6503
E-mail: pilek@geoarc.wits.ac.za

Dr. Branko I. Cavric
University of Botswana
PO Box 70424, UB Plaza, Gaborone, Botswana
Tel. 00267 355 2110
E-mail: GOGA@mopipi.ub.bw

Prof. Sylvia Cristina Felsenhard
Instituto de Estudios Urbanos
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
El Comendador 1919, Campus Lo Contador
Santiago de Chile
Tel. 0056 2 686-5588
E-mail: sfelsenh@puc.cl

Adress at the ETH

Dr. Marco Keiner
ETH Hönggerberg
CH-8093 Zürich
Tel. 0041 1 633 66 67
E-Mail: keiner@nsl.ethz.ch

All Partners are listed here

More Information on this Project can be found here