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General information about KFPE’s

Learning Events Programme for Researchers
from Developing Countries

(supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC)

Aims and rationale

Learning events enhance the educational, scientific and training competencies of individual researchers as well as their research institutions. KFPE’s Learning Events Programme supports researchers from developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America involved in research partnerships with a Swiss institution and promotes interdisciplinary and intercultural learning.

Swiss institutions and/or their partners in developing countries are invited to submit proposals for the learning events. Learning and training content should include soft skills, theories, methods, integrated approaches, thematic specialisations, and inter- and transdisciplinary working methods.

A first call was launched in April 2013. After the first call, the evaluation team decided to launch only one call in 2014. The total available amount of CHF 150’000 will be allocated to 3-4 projects.

-> Learning events must take place in 2014.

-> This second call is open until 28 February 2014

Eligibility criteria

  • Applications must originate from a Swiss research/educational institution or a partner institution in a developing country. Applicants from developing countries must provide a letter of support from the head of the Swiss partner institution. All administrative issues must be coordinated by the Swiss institution (e.g. contract, money transfer, reporting etc.).

  • Applications must show that the proposed learning event is embedded in a research partnership project or programme.

  • Applications must explicitly focus on learning for researchers from developing countries and promote the exchange between researchers from Switzerland and their partners from developing countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America (least developed, low income as well as lower middle income countries and territories - according to the OECD DAC List).

  • Supported researchers must hold a graduate degree (master level), or be PhD students or Post-Docs from Africa, Asia or Latin America.

  • Applicants must ensure that the learning event can be financed if only part of the requested funding will be approved by KFPE.

  • Learning events must last from a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 1 month.

Expenses covered

  • Local costs for participating students and trainers from developing countries (e.g. accommodation, food, excursions, local transport) will be covered by the grant. Travel costs for researchers from developing countries to the learning events are also financed.

  • Costs for participating students from Switzerland (e.g. travel, accommodation etc.) have to be borne by the students themselves or their home institution.

  • A share of the costs for the preparation and realisation of the learning events is also covered. As a rule of thumb, costs are covered proportionately to the ratio of participants from developing countries, independent of the location of the learning event (global South or Switzerland).


Application requirements

  • Description of the activity (3-5 pages):
    a) focus, goals, and target groups of the learning event
    b) added value or learning effect for participants
    c) number of trainees
    d) organisational issues (e.g. involved organisations, responsibilities, etc.)
    e) programme outline;

  • Letters of support and/or interest by both a Swiss institution and a partner institution in the global South (max. one page each);

  • A short CV of the main applicant, including a list of recent publications; maximum 2 pages in length.

  • Detailed budget plan showing other contributions (in-kind or cash) accepted and requests made to other funding organisations.

Upon realisation of the learning event, a fact sheet of 2 pages must be produced for publication on the KFPE website. Learning and teaching materials will be made accessible via the KFPE website where copyright allows.

Applications will be selected for funding by a review committee consisting of KFPE members. There is no right to appeal the decision of the committee.

Applications should be submitted electronically to the following address:

Schwarztorstr. 9
3007 Bern

Download the General Information of this programme

Template for project submission

Realised Projects